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Styling Secrets to Make Your Home Look Amazing

Styling secrets are integral to making your home look polished, cohesive and on trend. In order to do this, it is necessary to first determine your personal style (or find an aesthetic thread among several) before considering ways of incorporating this element in each room.

Create visually comfortable areas within larger rooms by using framing, rugs and wall art to define visually cozy nooks within them. Incorporate ceiling beams, half walls or even pillars – or use combinations thereof! – for visual coziness.

1. Lighten Up

Lighten up refers to becoming less serious, intense or angry. Saying, “Hey, lighten up! This is just a game!” is used as an encouragement to relax or cheer up someone, or to encourage someone else. People may talk of “lightening up their hair,” meaning changing its color while keeping its length. Lightening up can be an excellent way to reduce stress while increasing confidence and making you more attractive; lightening your home by changing paint colors or adding natural lighting or simply taking down heavy drapes are all ways lightening up!

These examples were selected automatically from various news sources to represent current usage of ‘lighten up.’ Views expressed do not represent the opinion or endorsement of Merriam-Webster or its editors.

2. Add Texture

As you design your home, there are likely a lot of elements you take into consideration. From choosing a style (preppy and traditional or coastal and casual?) and colors to incorporate to creating a to-buy list for furniture pieces – but one important design aspect might be left out: texture.

Texturing your home can be accomplished in many different ways; from simply adding throw pillows, to layering materials to create the ideal texture combination. Whatever path you take, be mindful of how different textures interact and help tell a story or create atmosphere.

Texture can also be found in natural elements like woven rugs, wood furniture and walls; mixing up finishes in your room – for instance combining concrete painted walls with nature-inspired ceramics is an easy way to bring texture into any room!

Textures that add soft and warmth can also enhance a room’s texture, such as boucle and sherpa fabrics can add extra textural interest while keeping its modern aesthetic. Linen and knotted wools may also work to add even more textural variety in your space.

Mixing metals in your space is another easy way to add texture. Combining weathered gold with polished nickel or brushed bronze will instantly give it a modern edge, creating an eye-catching aesthetic in the room.

3. Add Pattern

Stylists are known for making homes look stunning when on the market, but why not leverage their styling secrets even if you aren’t planning on selling soon? These on-trend stylist techniques will help create an eye-catching aesthetic unique to your home and will add layers to its design.

As one of the easiest and most stylish ways to add interest, color, and depth to a room, adding patterns is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give any space a unique custom look. Mixing patterns can be done easily; use the 60/30/10 rule: 60 percent one pattern, 30% of another one and 10% of yet a third design (see image above for reference).

4. Add Artwork

Home staging experts use their room-arranging expertise to make homes look amazing — often helping them sell faster and for more money. But their secrets can also prove invaluable for homeowners wanting to add an air of sophistication to their own living spaces – in fact many of these same techniques that make magazine-worthy homes are simple enough for anyone to use themselves!

Home Styling Secret #1: Layers and Groupings

Just like furniture, home decor items look best when grouped together. Arranging bookshelves, picture frames or candlesticks in clusters creates the effect of being more intentional about styling than when left standing alone – an easy styling trick which adds visual interest and visual tension!

Another simple styling trick is adding pieces of art. This can create a focal point on any wall or bookshelf; small paintings, framed posters or even large mirrors can all bring color and texture into any space.

Home Styling Secret #2: Tell a Story

5. Add a Chandelier

Chandeliers add an air of elegance and sophistication to any space, instantly elevating its style. Installing one isn’t difficult either; so why not add this luxurious accessory over your dining table or entryway?

Are you searching for an easy DIY decorating trick to upgrade a basic chandelier? One easy and effective method involves drape a narrow sleeve of fabric over its hanging wire or chain and pull tightly for optimal results – creating a gathered effect in this way.

Chandeliers make an elegant statement in classic settings like dining rooms and entryways, yet can add fresh and originality when placed in less traditional locations like powder rooms and laundry rooms. A chandelier hanging in an eye-catching powder room or laundry room could add drama, while one featuring deer antlers may fit right in at a mountain cabin or tea room.

Chandeliers are an easy and cost-effective way to instantly transform any room, but there are other styling techniques you can employ to take your home decor even further. Try adding bold floral arrangements or just some stems of greenery as accent pieces throughout your space – these small touches can have a huge effect on how a space appears and feels overall.