Anyone with a bijou bathroom will know that keeping it tidy can be a challenge. But there's plenty of clever storage ideas for small bathrooms to get around that petite space problem.

Add a Vanity Unit

'Drawers under a vanity unit are a great way to maximise on space and keep bathroom necessities hidden,' says Husoe Home owner, Sophie Lewis. 'Try handleless cupboards for a sleek look if space is really tight. Wall-hung units are always a good idea in a compact bathroom, freeing up extra floor space that you could fill with more storage solutions, like baskets.'

Install an Over-the-Door Shelf or Alcove

'Space above the door is usually boring wasted space. But, by adding a shelf above the door, it can provide out-of-the-way storage space for extras such as toilet paper or items that are infrequently used,' says Donna Blake, Senior Designer at Virtual Bathrooms London


Try Over-the-Toilet Storage

Storage racks, shelves or built in cupboards can make your bathroom feel less cluttered and look neater. 'The often-unused space above your toilet, left to collect dust, can be used in a way that even makes your toilet roll look pretty,' explains Donna Blake. 

Credit: Virtual Bathrooms London 

Create Space

Trick the eye by leaving a little room for space. 'You can create the illusion of a roomier bathroom if you allow for space,' says Sophie Lewis. 'For example a floating basin or an open shelf under the basin, instead of cabinets fixed to the floor.'



Add a mirrored wall cabinet 

Adding storage shelves behind your mirror is one of the best innovative storage ideas. 'If your bathroom has a cavity wall, you could create a recess within it to include a storage cabinet. This will hide the cabinet completely and give your bathroom a sleek and stylish look,' says Donna Blake. 'Alternatively, you can install a regular cabinet with a mirrored front and add lighting in the frame.'


Credit: Virtual Bathrooms London 

Add Alcoves

 Make sure of the space in interior walls by adding alcoves to hold bath oils and
shampoos.  You could even add recessed lights to create subtle mood lighting.