How To Design The Perfect Master Bedroom

We rely on our bedrooms to act as our sanctuaries from the busy world around so it’s really important that your decor reflects this.
Whether you’re contemplating a full redecorate of your master bedroom or you simply want to give it a little update, the team at Husoe Home have compiled our must-have decor ideas for your room. From bedroom furniture to stylish accessories, simple tweaks and changes will refresh your interior and leave you with a relaxing, sumptuous space perfect to unwind in at the end of a long day.

Look up

The ceiling is the fifth wall in a room and, especially in a bedroom, is a place that we really do notice a lot. However, often forgotten, painting or even wallpapering your ceiling can have a dramatic impact on your master bedroom decor.
If you love a bold and wild pattern then wallpaper is for you. Choose between animal print wallpapers, geometric wallpapers and punchy floral wallpapers to give your master bedroom an added ‘oomph’ when it comes to style.
If wallpaper is a little too out there, a firm favourite when it comes to paint has got to be dark blue/black/grey paint on your ceilings. While there is an assumption that dark painted ceilings can make rooms feel oppressive and smaller, painting the ceiling that offer a luxurious accent to a room.
The effect will be transformative on your bedroom, drawing the eye up as soon as you enter the room and offer a beautiful space to look at as you lie down on your bed.

Invest in your bed

Talking of beds, we spend on average 26 years of our life in bed (yes, really) and so it's important to choose a great bed - when it comes to aesthetics as well as comfort. An inviting bed will make you feel more relaxed and at home in your bedroom but, when it comes to decor, your bed is the focal point of your bedroom.
As such, some of our favourite statement bed ideas include our timeless classic, the Versailles French bed. Whatever you choose, we highly recommend that you take your time considering your options, measuring up and choosing the bedding to put on it. You want your bed frame to last a lifetime, so take your time choosing.

Choose colour wisely

Choose wall paint colours for your master bedroom that encourage relaxation and calmness. A colour can directly improve your sleep and so the colour of your walls in your bedroom play a big part in this. The key to choosing the right paint colour for your master bedroom is to opt for paints with warming undertones.
Choose earthy pinks, deep navy and rich browns. These warming colours will cocoon you in your bedroom making you feel safe and comfortable. Perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Bedside tables

Your nightstand needs to be practical containing all of your bedside essentials, but that doesn't mean it can't be beautiful too!
At Husoe Home we firmly believe that even your functional day-to-day pieces can be beautiful and fit your home interiors too. And don’t forget that your bedside tables frame that beautiful bed that you’ve just found.
What do you need logistically? Do you need a drawer to hide away your lotions, potions, books, glasses and other bedside table essentials? Or, alternatively do you prefer a more minimal nightstand and thus a bedside table without hidden storage would be perfect for you?
Once you've decided on what you need you can then look for something that fits your bedroom decor in that particular style. Some of our favourites include our Chateau Cazenac Bedside Table for a traditional feel or, for a more contemporary interior, choose our Oxford Side Table.

Accent lighting

To create a cosy and relaxed mood in your bedroom, accent lighting is absolutely essential. Lighting is crucial in bedroom design because a carefully chosen layered lighting scheme can really set the atmosphere of the room.
For your bedside tables, we recommend a cosy table lamp to suit your decor. For a timeless elegance take a look at our Nantes Table Lamp and for those wanting a pop of colour, try our Acantho table lamp in emerald green.
To light up your bedroom chairs we recommend floor lights. Floor lights will create beautiful pockets of light over your reading nooks. One of our favourites includes our Globe Floor Lamp.

Cushions, throws and rugs

Throughout all the years and across all of the many design trends, cosy textures make a bedroom. Done correctly, the more cushions, throws, blankets and bedroom rugs the better!
If you are redecorating your master bedroom on a budget we highly recommend that you invest in great bedding. Linen bedding is great if you struggle to regulate your temperature at night and Egyptian cotton bedding is ideal for those who love super-soft sheets. Then adorn and embellish your bed with decorative cushions, cosy blankets and pretty throws. 

Art & mirrors

Finally, mirrors and art is a fantastic decor idea for your master bedroom. Adorn your walls in giant artwork, photographs, typography and beautiful framed mirrors. It's a great way to add your unique stamp of individuality to your decor and it's also a brilliant alternative to wallpaper.