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Bath, check. Toilet, check. Sink, check. But then sometimes there's no space for an awful lot else! 

Tiny bathrooms can easily feel unwelcoming and uncomfortable for both you and your guests. But with the right design tips, you can transform the small room into an open space with a zen-like vibe.  

With a few tricks, you can make the tiniest of bathroom appear larger.

We asked MyJobQuote to share six ways to make a small bathroom look bigger.

Here's what they came up with. 

Natural Light

Getting as much natural light as possible is imperative to creating a more spacious feel. Cleaning windows on a regular basis to ensure light isn’t getting blocked is cheap and effective.

If you need a blind in your bathroom because you have clear windows, replace the
glass for a frosted option so you can do away with any window coverings at all. This will also declutter the space as well as adding natural light in.

Hang a Mirror

Husoe mirror grid mirror black edge modern

Noir - Black Window Mirror, £118.99

If you have a spare wall in the bathroom, hanging a large mirror will bounce natural light around the room and make the bathroom seem bigger using reflections. 


No Clutter

Cutting down on clutter, unnecessary accessories or decoration will help keep your bathroom tidy. Any clutter or mess will instantly make your bathroom appear small and getting rid of anything unnecessary is a must (for example, a bathroom rug). Keeping it simple and clutter free will add to the illusion, be harsh if it doesn’t have a function or value to bring to the bathroom get rid of it!

Optimise Your Storage

Optimising your storage to make the best out of a small area is important in a bathroom to make sure it doesn’t feel cramped. You should consider making the most out of your space by using mirrored wall cabinets and shower caddies to hang over your shower. If there is unused space, consider having custom storage built to utilise the little space you have

Colours to Choose

The colours you use in a small bathroom are crucial, the wrong colour will make it feel small whereas the right colour will open the room up. It’s best to stick with lighter colours and stick to one colour rather than having a variety. When using tiles, try not to tile halfway up the wall and create a dividing line, tile to the ceiling instead, this will make the wall appear higher. If you have skirting board or are using tiles as a skirting board, try to make them as slim and narrow as possible, anything bulky must go!

Glass Shower Screen

If you have a walk-in shower or a shower of a bathtub, using a clear glass shower screen will open up the space rather than divide it. Glass is reflective too, so it’ll bounce light around the room in a similar way to a mirror. It won’t block any light or block off part of the room as it’s transparent.